As an experienced team with a
diverse portfolio, we are able to
support you with a wide range of
workstreams relating to innovative
research, evaluation and regulatory science.

As a centre of excellence in regulatory science and innovation, our team are industry-leading and can provide expertise in study design and set up, study sponsorship, research and evaluation delivery, quality assurance and analysis. We work closely with prestigious academic institutions in Wales and pride ourselves on applied studies and having the ability to assess the effectiveness of new technologies with a ‘real-world’ application.

Our specialist team
can support you through:

  • grant submission planning alongside writing the relevant sections of grant applications
  • innovative clinical trials
  • evaluation and research delivery and consultancy
  • understanding how research and evaluation work in practise – through a ‘real-world’ approach to innovative healthcare solutions
  • opportunities for study sponsorship
  • research study design and set-up frameworks
  • understanding regulatory requirements.