Innovation assessment
and adoption tool

The innovation assessment and adoption tool is intended to support Health
and Social care staff to empower teams to innovate and aligns with the
All Wales innovation framework. The purpose of the tool is not to make
decisions on whether an innovation should be adopted, as those decisions
will/should remain within each organisation. Instead, the tool allows staff
to collect and organise all the available information on an innovation
and assess the potential ease of adoption versus the potential value
of the innovation. In addition the tool will also help to identify
any weak or missing areas in the evidence base that would be a
barrier to adoption. The tool aims to help improve the adoption
and scale of proven evidence based innovations throughout Wales.

For further information about the tool plus how and
who should use it, download our IAAT guide.

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Adoption Tool Details:

Readiness Level(s):

Innovation Adoption Readiness Level

Service Adoption Readiness Level

Regulation and Governance Readiness Level

Financial Case:

Financial investment required (cost)

Return on investment/Value for money (Finance/VBHC question)

Workforce investment required

Clinical Case:

Impact on patient outcomes (PROMS)

Patient reported experience (PREMS)

Impact on services (backlog, waiting times, patient flow, bed days etc.)

Strategic Case:

Fit with organisational priorities

Fit with national priorities

Senior leadership commitment for adoption

Organisational Case:

Transferability and adaptation capacity

Fit with existing infrastructure

Capacity to implement

Workforce Case:

Staff reported experience

Staff support for adoption

Staff training requirements

Characteristics of the Innovation:

Relative advantage over exisiting practice

Scale of impact

The degree to which the innovation is expected to impact patients.

Time until realisation

Based on the original tool developed by Dr. Tom Howson PhD.

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